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Media Center
Faculty and Staff Experts

Reporter interviewing a Johnson and Wales professor

巴黎人官方网站 faculty and staff are available to provide expertise and analysis to media on a wide variety of topics. Visit the 巴黎人官方网站 expert directory to search by trend or keyword, and follow @巴黎人官方网站news on Twitter to get a first look at our experts.


Press Releases

Student walking on Gaebe Commons in the Fall.

The latest Johnson & Wales University media advisories and press releases.


Photography and Videography

Media and Communications Studies students filming an interview.

Images Requests: Outside organizations seeking use of Johnson & Wales University images must obtain approval by University Communications. Photos must be credited to Johnson & Wales University.

Videography and Still Photography On-Campus Policy: To shoot video or still images of Johnson & Wales University property, students, staff or faculty by anyone for print, video or online purposes other than academics or job function must be approved by University Communications. Anyone required to seek approval in accordance with the policy must submit an online request form.


University Media Relations Policy

University Communications on each campus serves as that campus’ official liaison to members of the media. It provides information about 巴黎人官方网站’s activities, accomplishments, news and expertise, and responds to media inquiries on behalf of the university.

Official comments from members of the 巴黎人官方网站 community may be sought by representatives of the media, including reporters at student newspapers, in response to events and other newsworthy topics. It is imperative that one authorized person speaks for the university to deliver an appropriate message in a timely manner to any media inquiry. If contacted by media without prior approval from 巴黎人官方网站 University Communications, every employee is expected to indicate that they are not authorized to comment on behalf of 巴黎人官方网站 and refer requestor to their University Communications contact. Upon receiving the request, University Communications will coordinate with the appropriate university spokesperson designated to respond on behalf of the university.

University Communications at each campus requests that faculty, staff and students consult with or inform them prior to any of the following interactions:

  • responding to requests from the media regarding their research, scholarship, teaching or professional expertise
  • inviting media to campus for academic or extracurricular purposes
  • collaborating with an outside organization to help promote their media relations efforts as a representative of 巴黎人官方网站
Contact Us

If you are a member of the media in need of an expert to comment on breaking news or to provide insight for a feature or opinion piece, please contact University Communications:

Providence Campus: 

Jennifer McGee
Director, External Communications and Media Relations 
Office: 401-598-1157
Cell: 202-427-5981

Rachel Nunes 
Senior Communications and Media Relations Specialist
Office: 401-598-2752
Cell: 401-895-7364

Charlotte Campus: 

Amber Roberts
Director, Communications & Media Relations
Phone: 980-297-4586


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